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I am always pleased to hear from readers for any reason but in particular I’m happy to try to resolve any computer or internet related headaches you may have.  If I can’t help, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

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Wrap your presents in 12 seconds...

Provided that you are buying everyone a box of tissues, of course.


A cool Christmas from Webster

Make sure that your speakers are turned on...


Webster's latest piece in The Oldie...

Imagine that you strolled up to a supermarket shelf to buy some toothpaste, but as you reached out for it, you saw the price rise slightly? And then you learned that it only rose because the supermarket had been watching you and assessed that you could afford a bit more?

You’d feel more than irritated, but that is exactly what is happening on some of the big retail websites, but you’ll never find out.

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Wifi is for the birds


Webster's latest from The Oldie - August 2014

There’s a lot of muttering at the moment suggesting that both Google and Facebook are getting just too big and professional, and consequently are acting as barriers to innovation on the internet.

This muttering is not new, but is currently being provoked by the efforts of Google, in particular, to try and give some people their just deserts; people, that is, who own copyrights.

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My best health and safety sign


Webster's latest from The Oldie - July 2014

Last time, I discussed buying a new computer but once that’s done, there is still the cost of software, most of which is a long way from free. I have some good news: it is possible to equip yourself with a full set of free, legal software.

Much of it is all you will ever need and you’ll never again be forced to cough up for new stuff when software is discontinued.

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My latest favourite sign...


Recently from The Oldie - April 2014

If your computer is at least four years old there is a good chance, unless it’s an Apple, that it is using the Windows XP operating system. If it is, then you need to do some thinking, because on 8th April Microsoft will stop their “support” for it, leaving your computer increasingly susceptible to attacks by malicious scoundrels from all over the world.

Don’t panic; it will continue to work, just as before, it’s just that Microsoft will no longer be sending it monthly electronic repairs.  This is a constant battle; the cyber-crooks are always searching for vulnerabilities in mass market software and when they find a crack in the defences they exploit it by sneaking something malicious through it.  This might be to copy your passwords, or get into your emails, or worse.  It’s very unwelcome, sometimes sinister, and always a nuisance.

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